Executive Cleaning Co., Inc. BBB Business Review

Our belief is that total customer satisfaction is possible.
Given this standard, we will work and live towards this end, representing and honoring the commitment and integrity that are necessary to do so. We will consistently put our clients needs before our own, following through with the promises we make before we even do business. We will be proactive in our approach, thinking and acting on possible problems before they arise while efficiently dealing with them when they do. Our clients feed our families and pay our rents, and we will do anything and everything possible to make their experience with our company one they enjoy, appreciate and recommend.

Management Depth
Executive Cleaning Co., Inc. is organized to run as a consistent, reliable assistant to busy property managers. We have a full-time general manager, human relations manager, customer relations manager, 2 operations managers, supply manager and 8 full-time field supervisors. This depth keeps our operations tightly managed and efficient. It also allows you instant telephone access to someone in charge whenever there is a question or concern. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day rather than just evenings. That makes arranging for a messy accident's cleanup easy for busy professionals.

Personnel Depth
Our staff includes 40 full-time people and 50 part-time people. That represents more than janitorial cleaners and supervisors, it includes all our special services representatives.

We also have a pool of skilled subcontractors for special projects such as parking lot sweeping, landscape maintenance, snow removal and other services that are occasionally requested by our clients.

Constant Phone Accessibility
We have made a substantial investment in communications equipment that keeps all of our crews, supervisors, and night inspectors instantly accessible to each other and to you. Through a combination of portable phones and mobile radios we never lose track of where our people are and can address problems immediately.

We Offer Quality, Consistency and Reliability.
You will no longer need to worry about what to do when the regular worker goes on vacation or gets sick. Executive Cleaning is large enough to absorb these small annoyances without problems. Since all operations are regularly supervised and inspected, our high standards are never compromised. Our people are thoroughly trained and well paid which keeps our turnover far below the industry average.

Computerized Accounting & Cost Controls
Our operation is fully automated with our own custom software that delivers effective cost controls, scheduling, and account management through weekly measurement of productivity and efficiency. These technological advances allow our staff to focus on first class customer service rather than payroll and invoicing.

Purchasing Power
Due to the million square feet that we are responsible for right now, our purchases of cleaning chemicals and building supplies allow us to buy direct from their wholesalers and manufacturers. This enables us to pass along substantial savings in these materials to our clients without compromising the quality of the products.

We have a full-time supply manager, and keep a deep inventory of all materials and spare parts. This allows the job to get done every night without disruption by supply shortages or equipment failure. It's another part of our No Excuses policy.

Our Peace of Mind Promise takes the hassle and worry out of property care.

Our History
In 1988 Executive Cleaning Co., Inc. was started in Billings, Montana to provide cleaning services for office buildings and health care facilities. As most companies do, we started small with only one customer. However from the beginning Executive Cleaning was advanced in our use of computers to help with management of finances, operations, and marketing. These advances allowed us to become very competitive in the marketplace and gradually we grew.

As our client base expanded we began to offer a more comprehensive package of property services. High-rise window washing, confidential document shredding, snow removal, and an expanded floor and carpet care division were offered to our customers as well.

Today, Executive Cleaning Co., Inc. is the largest cleaning contractor in the state of Montana, cleaning over one million square feet per day and having close to one hundred employees.